EuroGV s.r.o. – geodetic and photogrammetric surveys

Services provided by our Company at present

  • Cadastre survey sketches, setting-out of land parcels, verification of land property boundaries
  • Planimetric and altimetric surveys, digitization of maps and plans, as built surveys, photo documentation in the course of construction
  • Surveys of inaccessible rock slopes and quarries volume determination of excavation in tunnels
  • Complex building surveys, passportisation of building objects, surveys of facades, interiors, projection of designed buildings into photos
  • Surveys of pipeline systems and technologies of nuclear power stations and of chemical and machinery premises
  • Deformation and object displacement surveys
  • High precision surveys in machinery and building industry
  • Special photogrammetric tasks: calibration of digital photographic cameras, processing of images taken by security camera systems, evaluation of non-metric images, etc.
  • Creation of GIS based on MISYS software