EuroGV s.r.o. – geodetic and photogrammetric surveys

ur offer covers practically all problems of surveying and photogrammetric activities. Our activities are always preceded by a proper analysis of users' requirements. We appreciate demanding clients and we are able to provide also nonstandard solutions.

What we achieved

  • We have a rich and extensive experience with applying geodetic and photogrammetric services. Every year we have completed at least 50 projects.
  • We have introduced a number of high-end technologies of close range intersection photogrammetry.
  • We have successfully introduced and put into operation GIS in selected areas of facility management for a number of our clients.
  • We possess special surveying technologies and top equipment.

Our equipment, technologies, certifications

  • We have total stations Topcon, GPS Topcon - we use services of the CZEPOS (the Czech Network of Permanent GNNS Stations)
  • We are equipped with Rolleimetric instrumentation for intersection photogrammetry including digital cameras
  • We are using products of Company Gepro (Kokeš, MISYS) and cooperating closely in introducing GIS based on MISYS software
  • We are using products of Companies Autodesk and DMT Atlas
  • We have developed a number of tools for high accuracy measurements
  • We hold Certificate to provide surveying activities according § 13 of the Land Survey Act No 200/1994 Coll. as described under letters a), b), c) of Article 1.